Jersey Coders has been born out of the frustration that Year 7+ children haven’t been taught Coding in school. Our world is increasingly digital and yet in Jersey we don’t have the skills to fully participate in this dynamic environment. In March 2014 we launched our free after school club in Jersey to encourage children with an interest in Coding and computing to increase their knowledge and creativity. We are grateful to our sponsors, Digital Jersey for the use of their Hub space. The Club is growing and in 2015 we hope to organise the first Jersey Coders Hackathon.

Dev Ops

The DevOps Team is running in their first term and provides a fast-paced introduction to the technical world of internet computing.Students learn the basics of the Linux operating system as they explore networking, server configuration, website installation, load testing and much more. During the sessions students will be able to try out the following:

  • Install a Raspberry Pi and its operating system
  • Configure networking to allow internet access
  • Install a fully functioning WordPress website on a Pi
  • Overclock a Raspberry Pi to test performance
  • Highlight how to avoid simple hacking methods
  • Write scripts to capture and log performance data in real-time


The gamers group is focused on understanding what it takes to build and code games. This term, they have become a solid team and are working on different projects. Click to see a presentation about the java coding we do in our sessions.

Web Builders

The web designing team focus on building websites. We use HTML code and some CSS to build these sites. This term, the mentors have told us that we are to build a website for an actual website. Go to the Projects page for more information.

Own Projects

The Own Projects is a group run buy the students, with some help from the mentors. The small team of people are all working on their games using Java Script. Their games all follow a certain ‘boy-ish’ theme, with guns, random generating, epilepsy, and many kinds of easter eggs.


The Robotics Group are starting a new project, coding LilyPads. These small divices are ‘wearable’ meaning they can be stiched onto clothing. They can progam them to flash, vibrate and make noise. They may aslo be using different devices like a Raspberry Pi.