The Dev Ops Group

The first project the DevOps Team is running involves setting up a WordPress website and testing its performance. Changes will be made to the setup to try to increase the performance of the Pi, which includes monitoring the temperature of the Pi. The graph shows the temperature spike for a Raspberry Pi under load servicing web requests to a locally installed WordPress website.



The Web Technology Group

The web technology group are learning JavaScript, a popular, lightweight language used on the web as well as mobile apps, games and even hardware like drones. We’re building simple games before splitting into a series of project groups who will use their new knowledge to make a game, app or project of their choosing.

The Gamers

The games team are improving their knowledge of create a brick breaker game. The game will be a revamped version of a game such as Breakout or Arkanoid, with more colours and better gameplay.

Have a look at the wonderful work our games coders have done this year.

Charlie and his battleship game: see code here.
Ethan and his battleship game: see code here.

The Robot Groups

The Robotics team are working with a circuit board called LilyPad, which is equipped with switches, lights, vibrator and speakers. They are working towards coding a game called Reactionz, which is a game in which a when a light moves along a line and you have to press the button when the light is in the middle of the line.

Own Projects

There are a few more advanced coders that are working together to create a survival game on Unity using Javascript (name is still TBD, but we think they’ve settled on Ark). The game is set in a parallel universe in 1983, when the Cold War went wrong, creating a nuclear fallout. You are one of the few survivors. You need to travel the map meeting fellow survivors on the way. The survivor AI is coded so that it could either befriend you, attack you, or even betray you. The game will feature guns, randomly generating world and even some easter eggs, which include may an unspecified triangular orange cheese-flavoured crisp. In beta it may be free on Steam (Greenlight?) but will likely charge for full release.